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Small, discrete, and quick to fit.

$1,998.00 / set

Smartphone Compatible
  • A pair of professionally fit digital hearing aids
  • Free Artificial Intelligence… our most popular feature
  • Free rechargeable upgrade
  • 1 Year of Remote Care service provided by our Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists
  • 1 Year In-Office service at any of our 400+ retail locations
  • 1 Year Warranty for repair and loss coverage
  • 60-day, 100% money back guarantee
Financing as low as
$46/month** (payment over 60 months)

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Product Information

Healthable Technology

Body Tracking Tracks your daily steps, measures movement and monitors more vigorous physical activity.

Intelligent Assistant

Self Check Provides a quick convenient way for you to analyze your hearing aid system’s performance.
Auto On/Off Automatically save battery power when your hearing aids are not in use.
Tap Control Enables you to easily stop or start audio streaming by simply tapping your ear twice.
Remote Hearing Care Have your hearing aids adjusted by an audiologist remotely.

Digital Processing

Transient Noise Reduction Reduces sudden loud sounds e.g. fireworks or glass breaking.
Feedback Management Removes unwanted whistling from hearing devices.
Frequency Lowering Makes high frequency information available in lower frequencies for people who cannot process high frequency sounds.
CROS System For people with single sided severe/profound hearing loss. Microphone places on ‘dead’ ear and sound from that side streamed to better ear.
Tinnitus Technology Enables the hearing aid to generate multiple tinnitus relief sounds.

Listening Features

Music Optimization A dedicated music compressor designed to increase the range of music sounds that can be heard.
Sound Manager Sound Manager is a software tool that allows the hearing aid to be adjusted in specific environments to meet the user’s needs. The numbers (4 down to 0) below relate to the number of adjustments that can be made to each environment to match the users listening needs.

Accessory Compatibility

Made for iPhone (Mfi) Connects directly to most Apple devices for direct streaming.
Thrive Hearing Control App App on smart phone that lets you control and adjust your hearing aids – requires aids to be Bluetooth compatible.
TV Stream the TV directly to your hearing aids.
Remote Microphone+ Stream to your hearing aids from various sources and loop system. Required if user wishes to stream from Android devices.
Mini Remote Microphone Discreet microphone worn by your conversation partner to aid one-to-one conversations in difficult listening environments.
Remote Remote control enabling the user to adjust volume and change program.
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