I wasn't excited about getting hearing aids, expecting them to be unsightly and probably uncomfortable. And did I really need them? Maybe I just needed to listen harder? Jimmy walked me through all my questions, showed my hearing loss on a graph, and worked to find speakers that fit my smaller-sized ears. He's been thorough, professional and friendly. And while I'm still figuring out how to get hearing aids and the plastic earpieces of my glasses to fit in the same small space behind my ears, I do love my new-found auditory clarity!
Judy Unruh, on Google
I love my hearing aids! But what I love more is the service when I have a problem. Thank you so much!
Sheila Johnson, on Google
I appreciated the professionalism and courtesy extended by David. It was a pleasure to have him help me with hearing aids
Colleen Slavik, on Google
Very friendly and welcoming. Jimmy did the test and let me know where I was at on the levels. He also let me know what was my issues and what could be done. I appreciate his honesty. Thank you.
Michelle Thompson, on Google
David White was very helpful with any questions I had. He adjusted my hearing aids to my satisfaction.
Warren Lingg, on Google

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